“I went to Elizabeth to ask about my job situation and learned a lot more than I ever expected.  The emotional healing that came from my session with Elizabeth has helped me find closure and healing.”

~ Karen, Castle Rock, CO


“I feel so much lighter and so much in tune with my purpose and why I am here…and just knowing that I am on the right track.  I feel like I am supported.”

~ Cheryl, Dennver, CO


“As a practicing intuitive and spiritual counselor for over 25 years, I have been privileged to be in front of some very talented students.  Elizabeth, however, is the most gifted Medium I have ever encountered.  Her ability to connect to those who have left the physical world is truly astounding.  Her detail and clarity are remarkable.”

~ Reverend Roxanne Wilson, MSS Founder of a Pathfinder Church, Tampa FL


“Elizabeth’s talents as a spiritual guide are evident as she steps up to meet you.  You sense a knowing emanating from this peaceful being…I have known Elizabeth for almost eight years in which time I have experienced her exponential growth.”

~ Sandra, Denver, CO


“What you do with your gifts is called the “Blue Ocean Strategy” ~ creating uncontested market space and making the competition irrelevant.  You do not seem to be in it for the shock value (no doubt you do this daily without even trying.)  You have an entirely different plan to use your gifts to help people in a ligitimate and professional way.”

~ Becky, Denver, CO


“Elizabeth has assisted our family in so many areas of our life so that we could experience freedom.  Her suggestions on actions to take have been extremely successful.  Her perspective of life and her vision is utterly amazing.”

~ Maria Elena, Miami, FL


“I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Elizabeth’s show. She was wonderful to work with – warm, professional, intelligent, fun, and engaging. She also asked interesting and stimulating questions. Elizabeth is an expert at making her guests feel welcome and supported. She flowed with the conversation, which is always a sign that the host is actually listening to her interviewees. As a frequent speaker on many shows, it’s fabulous to work with someone like Elizabeth who is competent and makes their guests look and sound good. It was a joy to work with her and I hope to do so again.”

– Pamala Olsie – Founder of www.LifeColorsCity.com; has three books, Life Colors: What Your Aura Colors Say About You; Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras; and Make Your Dreams Come True; has been a guest lecturer at the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, the TEDx Talks 2012, and many seminars for professionals in the psychology, education, health fields and more. With a large international clientele, including many celebrities, she has been helping people create happy and fulfilling lives since 1984.


“I have had the pleasure of being a guest on Elizabeth’s “From the Heart” radio show more than once! Each time that I go back, I am reminded of what a kind, caring, and inspirational person that Elizabeth is. Our chats are always authentic, relevant and interesting. Her questions are spot on and do a fantastic job of mining the gold from each and every one of her guests so that her loyal radio audience can learn, grow and be entertained. Her radio show title “From the Heart” is aptly named as Elizabeth carries herself out into the world in the same manner….from the heart! I will always look forward to being a guest on anything that Elizabeth is involved in.”

-G. Brian Benson – Award-winning author and advocate of inspiration


“My experience on Elizabeth’s radio show was so fulfilling and satisfying. She is not only great at probing questions that are meaningful for her audience, but she vulnerably shares her whole self “on air.” Her story is profound, and why she is so skillful at living life from a heart centered place. I love Beautiful Elizabeth, and all that she stands for!

– Betty Louise –  (aka, Coach Betty), Sex Liberation Coach and US Radio personality, has coached and interviewed progressive thinking experts, artists and innovators from all over the world.  Author John Gray of Mars/Venus fame, Grammy Award Winning Freddie Ravel, and brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor have been some of Coach Betty’s amazing guests. Her show “Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life” airs on WeEarth Global Radio Network (WGRNradio.com).


“Elizabeth comes from the Heart and is compassionate in helping others. It was my pleasure to join her talk show on two occasions. She brings out the best information for the audience. She not only cares about her audience but her guests as well. She knows how to have her guest contribute in helping others. Elizabeth is a loving and caring-beautiful Spirit. Thank you for sharing and help this planet heal.”

– Judy May


“I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Elizabeth Cuckson on her Transformation Talk Radio Show in August of 2012. She is an excellent host and did a superb job managing her time with inspiring questions and personal insight.
She was also a contributing author to the third volume of the book Speaking Your Truth. Her story entitled, “The Healing Power of Forgiveness” was remarkable.
Elizabeth is inspirational to me and I recommend getting acquainted with her in any capacity!”

– Lisa Schultz – Author, Speaker, Coach and Self-Publishing Expert