March 10, 2012

March Mercury Retrograde is in Swing for 2012

March Mercury Retrograde is in Swing for 2012

Are you going into or out of the stars?

Three times a year for approximately three weeks Mercury retrogrades.  Mercury is the planet of communication and during this period communications we have had or are having to review where we have been and to correct or redirect our life.  You may find that your communications are not heard by others, you loose important files on your computer, electronics crash or you react to things like differently than you normally do.

We have been manifesting, dreaming and creating our hearts desires and now we have the retrograde.  No reason to stop the dreaming, just use caution as this time is to be used as a non-reactionary period where we just observe the signs and make observations and use the information to make the appropriate changes.  This is not a time to sign contracts, take risks or make agreements.  I would just think of it like the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and Toto are sucked into the tornado and end up in OZ.  Yeah, you will be making adjustments just to get back where  you started.  So stay put, observe, take it in, make adjustments and allow yourself some flexibility just like our good friend Gumby.

I read several sites on this retrograde for March/April, 2012.  It will challenge our spirituality, purpose, and will bring us to a place where we must make choices to start changing, transitioning and transforming to move towards your dreams, goals and achieve peace and freedom from your past.  We have been working on it and it is showing up again.

I know you can do this.  Stick through the next three weeks and be observant of what is in front of you.  Here is a link where I noticed Astrology for your month is broken out and mentions the retrograde.  Click here to see where you fall and what is in store.  You may or may not be surprised! While you read a little bit more about retrograde, I am going back and listening to this hit song You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive and will allow Mercury to spin me right round, baby!  Have fun. 

Blessings and love,


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