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Elizabeth Cuckson has over 20 years experience working in healthcare and business/strategic operations. She has a degree in Health Information Management and is an ordained Minister of Spiritual Science with numerous certifications in the healing arts. 

As a small child, Elizabeth realized that she received messages from a higher source but didn’t understand why. She spent many years overcoming the stigma attached to supernatural gifts. After spending thousands of dollars and traveling near and far, she found the answers she was looking for.   She realized that all the looking outside of herself was an interesting journey but to finally come to the realization – “it is as simple as accepting and loving yourself.” Her ultimate goal is to share her love with others and assist them to learn how to accept and love themselves.  Awaken the beauty that each soul has within.  She feels her purpose is to assist in loving and healing the planet by creating a collective and collaborative state of oneness.  

Elizabeth has been featured in two #1 best selling books, interviewed on various venues, hosted and produced Healing Hearts Radio and continues to share weekly forecasts in her blog.  Today she uses her amazing journey to educate and heal others. 


Contact: admin@elizabethcuckson.com


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